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Welcome to the web-site of the Natural Physique Association. The NPA successfully promotes the sport of Natural Bodybuilding in the UK, and now in our 13th year, there's no doubt we are going from strength to strength! 5 qualifying competitions all leading to the prestigious NPA British Championships in October. We drug test (to WADA standards), and polygraph, at all our competitions. We are here to inspire you to create the best body you can by following a Natural Bodybuilding lifestyle. Bodybuilding / weight-training can improve your life in a huge way, and not just physically; you'll find your mental strength and self-belief will benefit too. Train hard, stay healthy and Natural, and support the Natural Physique Association!

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2015 NPA Yorkshire

2 days to go to the 2016 NPA YORKSHIRE CHAMPIONSHIPS - the 26th year! 71 entries...Don't miss it!

Who is going to follow in the muscular footsteps of such esteemed bodybuilding Champions as Dan Lampard, Sam Watt, and Steve Howarth, and take the Overall NPA Yorkshire crown? There is no doubt that the NPA Yorkshire Championships will attract the BEST bodybuilders and trained figure girls in Britain as they all strive to win their class! Be there on May 22nd in Wakefield to see for yourself the best Natural Bodybuilding area show in Britain! Click on the header to read more details.

NPA Clothing all over the World! Even Arnold wants an NPA hoodie! Read and enjoy the pics!

As we all know, the NPA is going Global, with our clothing line of Hoodies, T-shirts, and Vests being seen all over the World! Here's NPA member and competitor CHRIS BELL, photographed with his mate ARNOLD, when Chris paid him a visit at his home in Graz, Austria. This is an article for you all to enjoy featuring photographs of NPA members looking fabulous in such far flung countries as Spain, Holland, Singapore, America, Iceland, Austria, and Yorkshire! Wear your NPA Clothing with PRIDE, and thanks to all featured for contributing! Click on the header to read more.

The Best line-up ever seen on a British Bodybuilding stage! NIGEL ST. LEWIS wins the 2015 NPA Mike Williams Pro-Am!

HOWARTH - PALMER - PANEK - RODNEY - ST. LEWIS - WATT. These six great Champions all competed in awesome shape in the 2015 NPA Mike Williams Pro-Am, making it the BEST line-up ever seen on a Natural Bodybuilding stage in Great Britain! Not an idle boast! The camera never lies, the photographs tell the story, so make sure you look and admire every photograph taken by Fivos Averkiou - read the in depth report by Michael Phillips; if you weren't there, immerse yourself in the photos and text and you will think you were there! £2000 PRIZE MONEY! Big thanks to NMB NUTRITION and UDO'S CHOICE for their great sponsorship, and many congratulations to NIGEL ST. LEWIS on a memorable victory!

Outstanding newcomer DANIEL OSBORNE wins the Overall 2015 NPA Mike Williams Classic!

With a physique of great mass, symmetry, and shape, in his first ever NPA competition DAN OSBORNE takes the Overall Mike Williams Classic! Big congrats to Dan, and to all the class winners: Dom Rae, Emma Fryer, Chris Fortune, Carlos Barradas, Samantha Coyle, Kane Georgiou, Christine Nanton, and the evergreen John Madourie! Huge thanks to all the show sponsors: NMB NUTRITION; UDO'S CHOICE; Richard Grattan’s R G Strength & Physique Gym, Halifax; Mr. Philip Drew, esq.; Lisa Corallini Strength 2 Strength Physiotherapy; Glen Davis' Go-Pro Gym Equipment; Matt Bembridge, The Gym Professor; Carl Parry & Ashtan Interiors; Mark & Gill Fox of Fox Mouldings, Thirsk; Fivos Averkiou, Photography, with special thanks to all who were there! Report & Photography by Michael Phillips & Fivos Averkiou - click on the header to go the report.

Big BEN WOODHART returns to competition after 6 years away and wins the 2015 NPA South East!

Ben Woodhart takes the 2015 NPA Overall South-East title in awesome shape! Huge congrats to Big Ben, and to all the class winners: Michela Rotella, Phil Keyte, AJ Morris, Andy Turner, Stephanie James, Martin Rowlands, Josh Goodfellow, Attila Kocse, and Marcos Gava, top class Champions one and all! Many thanks to the main show sponsors, EQ NUTRITION and UDO’S CHOICE, and to the class sponsors Fox Mouldings, NPA British Ladies Physique Champion Carol Streeter, Mr. Philip Drew, esq., and Matt Bembridge – The Gym Professor. Special thanks to all who were there supporting the competition! Report and photos by Michael Phillips & Fivos Averkiou – click on the header to read the report.

A superb CLIFTON MORAIS takes the 2015 Overall NPA MIDLANDS title!

A superb CLIFTON MORAIS wins the Heavyweight and Overall 2015 NPA Midlands titles! Many congratulations to Clifton and all the class winners: Paul Thorpe; Pete Gawtry; Tracey Beirne; Mark Parkes; Emma Walsh; Thomas Beswick; Kieran Kevan; and Jason Green. Huge thanks to the main show sponsor ULTIMATE SPORTS NUTRITION; and to all the class sponsors: Udo’s Choice; Fox Mouldings Ltd; Fivos Averkiou – photography; HelderBarroso.com; Matt Bembridge www.gymprofessor.com; and many thanks to all who were there for your great support! Results and photos by Michael Phillips & Fivos Averkiou. Click on the header to read the report.

Statements from NPA member Michela Rotella, and from the NPA.

The following features two statements; one from NPA member and competitor Michela Rotella, and one from the NPA.

STEVE HOWARTH wins the 2015 UIBBN European Masters crown in Germany to add yet another major title to his collection!

Dateline: June 2015; venue: Zwickau, Germany; the NPA takes a small team to the 2015 UIBBN European Championships and are superbly represented by DAN LAMPARD, RYAN WELSH, CHRIS FORTUNE, and STEVE HOWARTH, who has now won the Yorkshire, Britain, European, and World titles! Report and photos by Michael Phillips, Alan Grimshaw, and Chris Fortune - click on the header to read the report.

Incredible first-timer CHRIS PUGH wins the 2015 Overall NPA South West title at only 22 years of age in a sensational contest debut!

The ninth year of the NPA South West Championships sees newcomer CHRIS PUGH take the Overall title in convincing fashion! Huge congratulations to Chris and to all the other class winners: Wesley Clarke, Lucy Oakman, Tom Sanders, James Bradshaw, Sonny Topham, Steven Cheng, and Ian Stevenson - all top class Natural Bodybuilding Champions! Many thanks to the main show sponsors: BS-X BODYSHOX and UDO’S CHOICE, in particular Adam Cox and Tony Barnes, who as well as supporting the competition financially, they supplied supplements for the first two places in each class. Additional thanks to class sponsors: Matt Bembridge (The Gym Professor); Sean Lewis & Sowton MOT’s, Exeter; and Fox Mouldings Ltd. And finally, special thanks to all who attended and supported the competition. Report and photography by Michael Phillips & Fivos Averkiou. Click on the header to take you to the show report.