3 weekends in the life of a competitive bodybuilder by Ian Munro 2006 NPA Yorkshire Heavyweight Champion

Three weeks in the life of a bodybuilder as top NPA heavyweight competitor IAN MUNRO describes his journey through 3 competitions in 3 weeks in 3 different countries! A new Classic article! Ian has long been one of the top Natural bodybuilders in the UK, and back in 2006, he set his sights on 3 competitions – never one to give less than 100% in prep for competition, here, in his own words, is his fascinating and at times very funny account of what it means to be a top competitor - photos by Alex McKenna and Michael Phillips

ANDREW MERRIFIELD 10 Days Out from the NPA Yorkshire 2006 Article photos by Michael Phillips

For the CLASSIC ARTICLES section! When Andrew walked on-stage at Holmfirth in June 2006, he was in the best shape of his life, but he looked even better 10 days earlier!! Here s an article on Andrew from The Beef magazine (Sept 2006 - issue 29), which features some of the best indoor training pics ever taken of a competitor at his very best! Andrew went on to have his most successful year ever, winning the NPA Britain and UIBBN World titles among many victories that year. He puts everything into his preparation! Let this article help you achieve your best showing - be inspired!

Angel on my Shoulder by Tony Montalbano

A respectful and affectionate tribute to Mike Williams, a man who inspired others, among them Tony Montalbano, who made a successful return to bodybuilding competition in 2006, and who wrote the following article in tribute to his good friend Mike. Read and enjoy…

How I won the 2004 NPA Britain title by Launder Philogene

FLASHBACK to 2004 and a Classic article by LAUNDER PHILOGENE! 2004 was a big year in the history of Natural Bodybuilding in Great Britain - it was the first year of the Natural Physique Association! The top Natural Bodybuilder of that first year was Launder Philogene, who appeared on-stage in the shape of his life, to take the Lightweight and the Overall NPA Britain titles, after a great battle with Brian Rayner, John Swaby, and Fivos Averkiou! Launder is one of the best Lightweights ever, and a very popular his own words, here s how he did it! Featuring outstanding photography by Eric Guy.

Neil AshleyIn the Shape of his Life

New for the Classic articles section, a great article from the spring/summer of 2006, the year Neil Ashley took the NPA Yorkshire middleweight title, and brought the house down with a great physique and a fantastic posing display! Learn from Neil as he got into his best ever shape, and check the photos of his progress, which show him getting better and better up to the day of the contest! Many thanks to Neil for this outstanding article on his contest prep! Great photography courtesy Eric Guy and Neil Ashley.

The autobiography of MIKE WILLIAMS

The legendary Mike Williams will never be forgotten. His name will live on in the NPA with The Mike Williams Classic, but Mike was more than just a bodybuilder, he had such a positive effect on all who knew him as a person, that it was a privilege to be his friend. Here is his auto-biography, it will always be unfinished, but I am sure what you will read will inspire you just like Mike the person did.

2009 NPA AntiDoping and Disciplinary review

The NPA season of 2009 saw a number of disqualifications - read the official statement from the man in charge of the Natural Physique Association s Doping Control Programme, Lee Kemp.

21 Questions withMARK OAKES NPA British UIBBN World Champion

A fascinating and enlightening interview with Mark Oakes, multi-titled Champion! How strong is he? Which Champion does he rate as the best? What makes Mark a Champion? What does he feel are the most important aspects of building a winning physique? Let s ask The Natural Oak !

Andrew Merrifield is The Ultimate Predator

Article by Michael Phillips with photography by Alex McKennna of The Beef magazine

ANNA MILLINGTON a story of success 2011 NPA British INBF World Champion

2011 was a great year for ANNA MILLINGTON, without a doubt one of the finest Ladies Physique competitors ever to compete in the NPA! Among 7 competitions in 2011, she won the NPA Mike Williams Classic and Britain titles, and the INBF World title! These great achievements with all the effort involved to win them are all written about in this fantastic article by Anna, who only entered her first competition in 2009! Anna, a fire-fighter from Keighley, has put into words the dedication, the will-power, and the emotion, not to mention the training and diet, all involved in climbing the mountain and getting to the top! Many thanks to Anna for taking the time to pen such an account of her competitive exploits. Its compulsory reading, so read, enjoy, and be inspired.

Back to Basics Eating Plan Get the Knowledge first Article by Neil Ashley NPA Mike Williams Classic Champion 2008 and 2010

Here’s a superb article on the basics of bodybuilding nutrition by Neil Ashley, two-time winner of the NPA Mike Williams Classic, Gaspari Nutrition sponsored athlete, and one of the top Natural Champions in the UK. If you want to become a better bodybuilder, then read and learn from one of the most respected and formidable Champions in the sport as he gives you some plain and simple, straight forward nutritional advice. Outstanding photography by Eric Guy and Fivos Averkiou!

BRITAINS BIGGEST CHARITY LIFT 2009 An amazing amount raised

At the recent NPA Yorkshire Championships a cheque was presented to Mandy & Kevin Allen representing Breast Cancer Care. The total amount raised was £4,172!!! Jon Bibb says - I think anyone who saw the emotion in Mandy s face when she received the cheque will realise what a worthwhile effort it really was. Mandy, Kev and their family have been through hell in her continuing fight against breast cancer and I m proud to think that our bodybuilding community has contributed to supporting the numerous women who suffer from this horrific condition. I want to sincerely thank everyone who has helped to raise such a fantastic total for such a worthwhile cause .

Fanfare for the Common Man A biography of Courtney Smith Article by Lee Kemp

A superbly written article on an outstanding Champion COURTNEY SMITH, written by his good friend and leading NPA Official LEE KEMP. More than just a bodybuilder, this detailed profile on Courtney will serve to inspire and encourage any aspiring Champion out there to never give up, chase those dreams, and be the person and Champion you wish to be...great article by Lee, a very accomplished writer, with photos courtesy of Courtney and Eric and enjoy!

How to pose 1 Front double biceps

By Michael J Phillips. Photos by Alan Holmes, Martin MacDonald, David Plant, Diane Phillips, Sandra Harris, Eric Guy and Stelianour Sani.

How to pose 2 Front lat spread

By Michael J Phillips. Photos by Alan Holmes, Diane Phillips, Eric Guy, Sandra Harris, Roger Shelley, Michael Phillips, David Plant, Jon Harris and Stelianour Sani.

How to pose 3 Side chest

By Michael J Phillips. Photos by Luci Pashley, Alan Holmes, Diane & Michael Phillips, Eric Guy, Stelianour Sani, Sarah Brooks and Roger Shelley.

How to pose 4 Side triceps

Words by Michael J Phillips. Photos by Alan Holmes, Roger Shelley, Diane Phillips, Eric Guy, Gary Barlow, Sarah Brooks, Stelianour Sani and Michael J Phillips.

How to pose 5 Back double biceps

By Michael J Phillips. Photos by Diane Phillips, Eric Guy, Martin MacDonald, Sandra Harris, Alan Holmes, Michael Phillips, Calum McKenzie, Luci Pashley, Gary Barlow, Dennis Lee, Parham Donyai, Lee Williams and John Swaby.

Ian Duckett and Robby Robinson at the NPA Yorkshire 2009

If you were there at the NPA Yorkshire Championships 2009, then you were one of many who saw a true Master of the Art of Posing, as IAN DUCKETT gave a magnificent guest posing performance which will set standards for years to come! Not only was he in the best shape of his life, this most humble of Champions also delivered the consummate posing display - view the photos by Eric Guy to see how its done! As if that wasn t enough, he was joined at the competition by the legendary ROBBY ROBINSON - read the article by Michael Phillips to learn how all this came about!

Jon Bibbs Leg Pressing Fundraiser

Article and photos by Michael Phillips & Anthony Frost

Metabolic finance

By John Heaton

My competitive year of 2008

Superb article by NPA Lightweight Champion Dale Wilson with photography by Eric Guy and Fivos Averkiou

My year by Peter Bullard NPA Junior British Champion 2007

Article by Peter Bullard with photography by Eric Guy, Lee Williams, and Angie Swaby

NPA Statement

The official NPA policy on the use of Mannitol, in line with WADA regulations

Pull the trigger Article by John Heaton 2006 NPA British Heavyweight Champion

If you are strong willed, you can achieve anything - A superb article by John Heaton

RICHARD GOZDECKI NPA Overall British Champion 2010 read how he became a CHAMPION

Here s an outstanding article on the NPA s top bodybuilder of 2010 - RICHARD GODZILLA GOZDECKI - NPA Overall British Champion 2010! Read how this great athlete became a Junior British swimming Champion at age 15 to how he became the best Natural bodybuilder in the UK at age 28! Now fully sponsored by GARNELL NUTRITION - read about his incredible strength and training poundages and be inspired by Richard s in-depth profile, as penned by Lee Kemp and Richard himself, and featuring photography by Fivos Averkiou! It s a must-read! Richard is also on the April 2011 cover of Health & Strength!

SIX SETS of SIX Fascinating informative article featuring 6 Great British NPA Champions Read and learn

What questions would you like to ask some of the top Champions in the sport? How would one British Champion answer a question, and would it differ from another Champion’s response? Well, I thought it would be an interesting idea to fire 6 questions to 6 of Britain s top Natural Bodybuilders; Steve Davies, Ian Duckett, Neil Ashley, Andy Hallahan, Wayne Braddock, and Jay Hollingsworth, and then wouldn’t it be fascinating just to see what they would say?! Who knows, maybe they will all say the same thing! Article compiled by Michael Phillips and featuring outstanding photography by Fivos Averkiou & Eric Guy!

The Charity Challenge kicks off with The Connexions Strongest Man

On the spot report from LEE KEMP on this fantastic event which raised over £600 for the Breast Cancer Care charity. A great effort from all who contributed! Outstanding photos courtesy of event organiser and top NPA Champion RICHARD GOZDECKI, well done to all concerned!

The NPA on the BBC

Great coverage on BBC 1 for the Natural Physique Association! Article and photos by Michael Phillips

The Photography of Fivos Averkiou

From Novice photographer in September 2008 to being an official photographer of the 2009 IFBB Mr. Olympia…that’s how far Fivos Averkiou has come in the last 12 months, an incredible rise to photographic prominence for the popular and highly respected 2-time NPA/ANB British Bodybuilding Champion...check out this photo article on Fivos and his work in the articles section! As Fivos says I’m off to the Mr. Olympia 2009! Not only has this been a competition that I’ve always wanted to go to when I first started training over 20 years ago, now I am an official photographer for the event! Read more in the article!

When Ian met Robby

An article to inspire as Ian Duckett fulfils a life-time ambition and travels to America to train with the legendary Robby Robinson. Two great Champions and now two great friends! Read and enjoy...