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The NPA membership fee for 2017 is £40. The year 2017 will be our fourteenth year of promoting bodybuilding competitions for all Natural Bodybuilders in the UK, and all our regional qualifiers and British Championships show dates are below, with the respective entry forms.

The 5 NPA area qualifiers are: Yorkshire, Scottish, South-East, Mike Williams Classic, and South-West.

Please keep following us on the NPA Facebook and on our web-site There’s hundreds of photos (with a lot more to add yet) in the Members Gallery to give you an idea of the fantastic members and competitors we have competing in the NPA.

All NPA competitions will be featured in the UK Beef and Health & Strength magazines.

The entry forms for the 2017 Yorkshire, Scottish, South East, Mike Williams Classic, and South-West competitions are below, along with the 2017 NPA membership form.

There will be drug-testing at all our shows in 2017.

In 2012, we introduced our poly-graphing programme to our qualifiers in addition to our British Finals. The drug-testing and poly-graphing programmes we implement are of course vital to what we stand for and we in the NPA will do all we can to keep our sport clean, healthy, and Lifetime Natural.

We do what we say we do; please check the NPA web-site to read statements on a drug-test failure, and a poly-graph failure, at two of our competitions last year.

There is also an entry fee of £5 to pay per show, so when you send your entry form in, you must also enclose a cheque for £5 (made payable to the NPA) to pay for your show entry fee. To anyone wishing to pay their fees direct into the NPA account, this can be arranged, please ask about this if this is preferable to you, but also note that your NPA membership form must be signed and posted to the NPA Secretary, Michael Phillips.

All NPA members and supporters will be sent a 2017 NPA Show Guide poster for the gym, with the competition details on the poster. Rest assured that all involved with the running of the NPA will be striving to do their best to make the association bigger and better, all for the members' benefit of course!

So thank you for your support, and good luck for when you compete!

Please keep checking the NPA web-site, and the NPA Facebook group, for regular updates and news about the competitions, profiles, news, and articles.

Banned substances

Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat to be able to view these files.

If you do not already have it installed then click here to install.

Please note, that it is the responsibility of each individual to establish whether or not any substance they have taken, are taking or wish to take in future is permissible for use under NPA rules. This can be done by checking substances or ingredients against the current list of prohibited substances which is accessible through the NPA website for this purpose. In the case of ingredients shown on labels "proprietory blends" or other names which do not appear on the prohibited list, please check with the manufacturer of that product that it is safe for use in drug tested competition before using it.

If you are still in doubt after these steps, you take the substance at your own risk.

No official of the NPA will offer any endorsement for any product, as we cannot vouch for them or that the listed ingredients are accurate and in turn could be held personally responsible for a positive drug test result given as a result of taking a substance which we have endorsed. As such, no queries relating to the suitability of any substance will be answered by us.