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NPA Mike Williams Classic ProAm 2011


Report and photography by Michael Phillips & Fivos Averkiou


After having 48 entries for the last 3 years, the NPA Mike Williams Classic finally smashed the 50 barrier at the Penistone Paramount Theatre on October 2nd. The competition in Mike’s name is a very special one; it is fitting that it continues to grow and always has a very high standard of competitor, none more so than in the Pro-Am class this year, but more on that at the end of the report.


There was a surreal feel to the competition as well, with the competitive debut of glamour girl Jodie Marsh, her efforts being filmed as part of a TV documentary for Sky. The production crew and subsequent cameras following her every move back-stage, certainly added a different touch to the competition, and it was certainly a good way to get the NPA some media coverage! More on Jodie’s debut later in the report, she was, after all, only one competitor and we had 57 on the day.


The contest itself was opened by a guest spot from Mike himself. The Penistone venue is also a cinema and the staff there did a great job in arranging to have Mike on the huge cine-screen. I chose his routine from his guest spot at the very first NPA Britain Finals in 2004; it was 2 weeks after he won the Pro-Am title, he was in awesome shape, and it was a fitting, moving, and magnificent start to the competition.


On with the report!   


Masters Over 40’s


1 – Jon Bibb

2 – Charlie McKee

3 – Mark Hesketh (best over 50)

4 – Paul Daley

5 – Bob Cotterill

6 – Paul Fearon

7 – David Simpson

8 – John Bullock & Felix McAlinden


This was a conclusive victory with 100% first places for Jon Bibb, in his first competition for a few years. Excellent shape and symmetry, good size and rock hard condition, Jon was a very happy man indeed. It was simply fantastic to see Jon win and be in great shape. A few years back he was very seriously ill, and to say this was a popular win would be an understatement. After his class Jon insisted on supervising the day’s drug testing programme (as he always does), and his role in helping the NPA cannot be faulted. Runner-up Charlie McKee has superb chest-delt-arm development, and was about at 90% condition. It’s the extra 10% that counts, as Charlie’s legs and back are always sharper with the extra 10%; today last year’s Champ had to settle for second.  Third was Mark Hesketh, superb balanced development, very good condition and separation, and a supreme posing display. Fourth was Paul Daley, another physique with very good shape, balance, and structure, but he just needs that extra 20% to place higher. Bob Cotterill got fifth and continues to improve, this was a very good placing for him; Paul Fearon in sixth just needs a bit more muscle hardness and separation to place higher, but considering Bob and Paul are newcomers to competition, they are both doing progressively well. An excellent start to the contest!


Juniors Under 21’s


1 – Aled Davies (best under 18)

2 – Matt Suchter

3 – Daniel Hayes

4 – Joe Rainer

5 – Lewis Emanuel


Cleaning up with all the available first places was a young 17 year old called Aled Davies; his first contest, and this young man dominated the class. Only short, Aled had a power-lifter’s look about him, dense muscle everywhere, a bit like a smaller Lee Priest; Aled is a great prospect! The battle for second was split by just one point, and could have gone either way. Matt Suchter in second and Daniel Hayes in third, both have excellent side chest shots, very good abdominals, but both need a bit more leg size – both were in good condition too. Fourth was Joe Rainer with the biggest competitor in the class in fifth, Lewis Emanuel; both were in good shape, but both need a bit more quality development to climb the placings.


Men’s Heavyweights Over 78kg


1 – Sergio Lima

2 – Daniel Awolola

3 – David Smith-Kerry


The Heavyweights had just the 3 competitors, a comfortable win for Sergio Lima. Sergio has size, shape, and outstanding proportions, and if he can just get sharper he will be a threat in any contest. Second went to Daniel Awolola, good chest, arms, and legs, and third went to David Smith-Kerry, who deserves a lot of credit for losing a lot of weight to enter his first contest; David does, however, need a bit more time in the gym to bring his physique up to the level of his fellow competitors in this class.




1 – Scott Fruin (best first-timer)

2 – Jason Desmond

3 – Chris Allen

4 – David Perry

5 – Kyle Hague

6 – Kevin Brown

7 – Chris Wren

8 – Alessandro Fiora

9 – Mark Elliott & Kulbant Dheansay


Two contrasting physiques split by one point in the battle for the winner’s spot. Scott Fruin got the nod; superb combination of muscle size, shape, and separation. In particular, great back development from top to bottom, and although Scott looked a bit stiff in certain poses, he was a deserving winner. Second went to the bigger, and thicker, physique of Jason Desmond. Massive legs and calves, superb arm development, Jason was at his best yet. Third went to Chris Allen, the smallest competitor in the whole contest at well under 60kg. Simply put, Chris brought the house down! His music wouldn’t play properly, but that didn’t stop him, and as the audience got behind him, he gave a great posing routine, showing a physique with outstanding proportions, and rock hard size and muscularity. Fourth place went to a much improved David Perry, who competed in the same contest last year, with fifth going to a best-yet Kyle Hague; Kyle has potential to carry a lot of muscle, but being quite tall it will take him longer to get the size on, but he continues to improve. Sixth went to Kevin Brown, with particularly good arm development.   


Ladies Physique Lightweights Under 55kg


1 – Carol Streeter

2 – Kelly Freeman

3 – Suzanne Stirland

4 – Nicky Fogarty

5 – Jodie Marsh

6 – Sandra Mounsey

7 – Nicky Mitchell


A much anticipated class! 5 x Britain winner Carol Streeter was a clear winner, but not 100%, with 11 out of 15 possible first places. Carol likes to do a warm-up show before defending her Britain title, and she appeared here at about 90% at her best. The real battle was for second place, with Kelly Freeman and Suzanne Stirland being split by two points.  Both with good arms, chest and shoulders, and hard condition. Nicky Fogarty was a clear fourth, and was very close to her best. A clear fifth was Jodie Marsh, making her bodybuilding debut. Jodie was very polite, friendly, and a bit nervous. In terms of her physique, she needs more time to develop her physique to beat the girls above her, who are all very good. Jodie’s posing routine was excellent, and a real crowd pleaser, especially her most muscular shot, which ended up in The Sun and on TV! Sixth and seventh were Sandra Mounsey and Nicky Mitchell, who were both in good shape, in a Britain standard class.

Overall, of course, this was a unique class, with the publicity brought by Jodie’s debut. I think all the girls were ok with the fact there were at least a dozen in her production team following her about, but they didn’t get in the way much, to be fair, and Jodie from an NPA perspective was treated like any other competitor, of course. Whether she’ll compete again with the NPA remains to be seen, as I have heard she’s going to America to compete next; she appeared on morning TV after the contest, and spoke really well about the sport, so good luck Jodie wherever you compete next, and thank you for the publicity you gave to the competition, and to Natural Bodybuilding in general.  


Ladies Physique Heavyweights Over 55kg


1 – Anna Millington

2 – Carole Nicholls


Comfortable win for Anna who has never looked better. Supreme shape and taper, with near perfect muscle size, fullness, and balance. Carole was in good shape, she was competing against one of the best Ladies Physique competitors in the country, but nevertheless showed her physique well.


Trained Figure


1 – Sabrina Akhtar

2 – Jo Peruzza

3 – Heidi Droger

4 – Emma Grzona

5 – Sharon Magee

6 – Nadia Tejani

7 – Kim Hardy


Some fluctuating marks in this class, with one girl getting a first from one judge, and a sixth from another! As the dust settled, Sabrina Akhtar was a delighted winner, on six points. Small waist, trim mid-section, good taper, Sabrina had clearly improved from her competitive debut at the NPA Midlands a few months earlier. On seven points was Jo Peruzza, clearly a well trained and toned figure, with a continually improving Heidi Droger in third on eight points. On nine points (the first four places were close!) was Emma Grzona. All the girls in the Figure class were in very good shape, with Sharon, Nadia, and Kim, also giving good accounts of themselves.


Men’s Lightweights Under 70kg


1 – Rolandas Malinauskas

2 – David Briggs

3 – Richard McWilliam

4 – Nigel Wilkie

5 – Keith O’Connell


Making his NPA debut, Rolandas Malinauskas dominated this class; a unique shape, with a real X-Man taper; tiny waist, flaring lats, very good arms and abs. Second went to David Briggs, clearly in his best shape yet, in his second year of competition. David was chiselled, great muscle separation all over, with a real six pack for abs. Third was Richard McWilliam; particularly outstanding upper body, and another with fantastic abs! Fourth was Nigel Wilkie - very good physique, with excellent arms, chest and abs. Fifth was Keith O’Connell, who while was in good shape as always, just a bit sharper with better leg separation could see him move up the places.


Men’s Middleweights Under 78kg


1 – Tshala Kabala

2 – Martin Petro

3 – John Madourie

4 – Phil Sims


The top 3 in this class all shared the first places, and on the final count-up, 2 points separated them. The truth is any of the top 3 could have been a deserving Champion. The winner was Tshala Kabala, ‘The Shape’. It’s fair to say that Tshala’s upper body is somewhat unique, with his tiny waist, washboard abs, flaring lats giving him a very impressive V taper. It’s also fair to say his legs, while improving, are still just a fraction behind his incredible upper body. On this day, he was in excellent shape and condition, and took the title. Second went to Martin Petro, such a different physique to Tshala, in that Martin’s legs are huge with great shape, and his muscle thickness is so impressive. He doesn’t have the ultimate V shape, and today was just the tiniest bit smooth, which meant his back separation wasn’t as sharp as it could have been, but still I am nit picking here. Third was John Madourie. A loud groan was heard from the crowd from Gus Fisher, who couldn’t believe John only got third. On another day, with different judges, John would have won, but as I said all three were outstanding. John was as good as ever – chiselled, muscular, balanced, and full. Fourth went to the superb physique of Phil Sims, who has never looked better, with particularly good legs and abs.


Men’s Overall  



2 – Rolandas Malinauskas

3 – Scott Fruin

4 – Sergio Lima


An outstanding win for Tshala, who actually only just made it for the contest, after he went to Holmfirth Civic Hall thinking that was the venue!


Ladies Physique Overall Champion - ANNA MILLINGTON


A fantastic victory for Anna, beating Carol by 3 votes to 2 from the judges; as stated earlier, Anna was in her best shape ever, and was quite emotional after being announced the Overall Champion. Carol, although disappointed, like the true Champion she is, was very gracious and happy for Anna – two outstanding competitors!


In a change from the norm, £50 each in cash was paid out to the best 2 posers who the judges decided were Nicky Fogarty and Martin Petro – who says there’s no money in bodybuilding?!


Mike Williams Pro-Am Invitational


1 – Richard Gozdecki

2 – Mark Oakes

3 – Andrew Palmer

4 – Steve Howarth

5 – Tshala Kabala


A great line-up of 5 top class competitors, 3 of them Overall British Champions. As soon as I knew that Gozdecki, Oakes, and Palmer were in the contest, I knew it would be a belter! Throw in Steve Howarth, who was getting ready for his NPA Britain Masters title defence 3 weeks later, and Tshala Kabala, who had just won the Overall MW Classic, then this was arguably the best Pro-Am line up ever. In fifth was Tshala, as good as he looked, he was a comfortable fifth, and in this company still needs more leg development to place higher. In fourth, was Steve Howarth. When he immediately walked out on-stage Steve looked incredible, the complete physique, but he had a shocking tan, which ran as he went through the compulsories, and obscured his muscularity and condition. Just goes to show that even the best can make basic errors! Third was Andrew Palmer, a two time winner of the Pro-Am. Dense muscle, with world class arm and back development, huge legs, but Andrew was just a fraction off being at his very best. He was big, and rock hard, but not quite in the finished condition he has shown in the past, so Andrew got third. Runner-up was Mark Oakes. The consummate on-stage warrior, who puts everything into every stance and pose with an incredible focus and determination, Mark was in fantastic shape. Big, full, balanced, great condition, with some killer shots, the side chest among them. It was going to take someone special to beat Mark, and he appeared on-stage in the guise of Richard Gozdecki. With 14 out of 15 available first places, Richard didn’t disappoint. He was immense! Massive, the biggest in the class, great thickness and separation all over his balanced physique, Richard was world class, and dominated the stage; he also hits all the stances and compulsories superbly, add a near perfect tan, and excellent condition, and you have Richard in first! 5 superb physiques, who shared a total prize money purse of £1,000. A great battle for a great title!


Judges were; Jon Harris, Yoyo Butler, Cheryl Myers, Lee Kemp, Richard Walker, Heather Smith, Ian King, and Michael Phillips.


Many thanks to all the sponsors of the competition who were;

UDO’S CHOICE; Brian Robinson -;  Fivos Averkiou Dvd’s/Photography; Jon Clarke’s Evolution Gym, Sheffield; Damon Brown’s Temple Gym, Barnsley; Paul Fearon and Hollyoake Consultancy; The Discovery Channel; Mark Fox & Fox Mouldings Ltd

Drug Testing was supervised by Jon Bibb to WADA standards, and the NPA’s polygraphing was conducted by Mr. Patrick Mulligan and Mr. Andrew Armstrong of 


As always, many thanks to all who attended and supported the 2011 NPA Mike Williams Classic, the NPA wouldn’t be here without you!


Michael Phillips

Secretary -

Natural Physique Association                 

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